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Will I meet my actual DJ? DJ Chris is solely owned and operated by myself, Chris Kaplan. I will be the person you have your initial consultation with and the person who DJs your event. If this is a wedding, there will be a one on one personal meeting prior to the wedding. I will also be available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you might have. #weddingDJ #DJQuestions

Do you help with the planning of the order of events? Prior to our meeting, I will send you an “order of events” form, which will outline the itinerary for the day. It’s helpful if you go over this prior to our first meeting. If you also use a wedding planner/coordinator it takes the pressure off of you and you can sit back and enjoy. If you can’t afford a wedding planner, try to have a contact person assigned.

What type of Music do you play? I’ve found that the most important thing to discuss is the DO NOT Play list. I have an extensive, diverse collection of music including but not limited to: Latin, Salsa, Pop, Rock, Big Band, Club, Disco, Hip-hop, Country, EDM, and Jazz. I feel that each wedding or event should be tailored to your specific musical tastes and I will do my best to ensure that it is. If I do not have particular songs, I will be happy to include them in my repertoire. I also can take requests the day of. “Not Just Your Grandma's Music!”

Is professional equipment used? My equipment is professional and compact. I work from a laptop with DJ software, a mixer and 2 American Audio self-powered floor speakers.

What is your DJ style? I discuss this with the bride and groom at our initial meeting. Some couples want a laid back DJ and others, someone who is more interactive and motivating. This is your day and you should be the shining star. I will also serve as your emcee working hand and hand with the other wedding professionals, making announcements according to the itinerary.

Do you take breaks? No, the music goes on continuously.

Do you require a meal break? In most cases, the wedding party provides meals for the DJ and assistant (if one is scheduled) and a seat close to the equipment. Pre-mixed music can be played at this time, but I like to be close by to monitor the music.

How much time do you need to set up? It usually takes about ½ hour to set up and do a sound and mike check.

How much experience do you have? I started to DJ in 1986 in NJ. I moved to Florida seventeen years ago and began again shortly after. I’ve done weddings, birthday parties ranging from sweet sixteen to 90 years old, fundraisers, awards dinners, corporate parties, street happenings and dances.

Will I receive a contract stating the full extent and cost of your services, including possible overtime? Yes, I will send out a contract once we agree upon a date. It will outline all the specifics of the event including costs.

What requirements do you have? Most halls provide a skirted table, but in case they don’t, I have a 4-foot table that I use. I also need to be near an electrical outlet.

What service area do you cover? Is there a travel fee? I’m based out of Port Orange/South Daytona. I cover most of Volusia and some of Flagler Counties. If the location is more than 50 miles there is a travel fee may be required.

Advice Book your DJ, Hall or venue, caterer, photographer and other wedding professionals as soon as you pick a date. Some bookings are out as far as two years. Be sure to get the DJ you want!

  • DJ Chris Kaplan
To Playlist of Not to Playlist

Your DJ should be able to furnish you with song suggestions for your special dances. But to keep your music on track, try to remember discuss the following with your DJ for #WeddingSongs:

  • Determine the theme or atmosphere you want to set.

  • The DO NOT play list is a must

  • Furnish the DJ with about 25 – 50 of your favorite songs (this way they can make it truly your day).

  • But, bear in mind that you will have family and friends there of all different ages and music tastes

  • Pick a DJ with experience – She or He will have had many years of experience and can choose the songs spontaneously that will make your party a success.

  • In most cases your DJ will have set up many playlists and a good DJ will be able to bounce back and forth from genre to genre and year to year.

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