• DJ Chris Kaplan

Songs for Your #Wedding

To Playlist of Not to Playlist

Your DJ should be able to furnish you with song suggestions for your special dances. But to keep your music on track, try to remember discuss the following with your DJ for #WeddingSongs:

  • Determine the theme or atmosphere you want to set.

  • The DO NOT play list is a must

  • Furnish the DJ with about 25 – 50 of your favorite songs (this way they can make it truly your day).

  • But, bear in mind that you will have family and friends there of all different ages and music tastes

  • Pick a DJ with experience – She or He will have had many years of experience and can choose the songs spontaneously that will make your party a success.

  • In most cases your DJ will have set up many playlists and a good DJ will be able to bounce back and forth from genre to genre and year to year.


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